Who is involved with the Repower America organization?



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    You mean, besides Alec Baldwin?

    Repower America is a movement to establish 100% clean electricity and renewable energy technology as the standard, rather than alternative, of generating power in the US. The idea was launched in 2008 by Al Gore during a speech, and has since gained momentum as climate change has increased in immediate importance. The mission has four main goals: 1) jump-start the economy, 2) decrease our dependence on foreign oil, 3) reward innovation rather than pollution and 4) solve the crimate crisis. The Alliance for Climate Protection launched the movement, and the Climate Protection Action Fund is responsible for efforts to secure legislation that represents the movement’s objectives.

    There are hundreds of thousands of Repower America movement members, and the site has a state-specific directory where users can access more localized activities that are relevant to them. 

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