Who invented Yoga?



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    It’s next to impossible to trace the yoga back to a single inventor, as ancient Hindu texts depict yoga without a singular trend-starter. Rather, it was considered a religious practice.

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    Yoga is more a way of life and is part of the Hindu tradition. Depending on which text you read, there is a different “originator” that is distinguished so it is hard to say. Yoga was practiced by yogis before the time of written history, thus this is another reason that this information is so hard to trace. However, the earliest record of yoga was written by Patanjali, a yogic sage whose sutra, or thread, if still used today and has influenced buddhism and many eastern spiritual schools of thought.

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    Yoga has been around for thousands of years, far longer than Christianity. It refers not only to a physical practice, “hatha yoga,” but also to various mental practices, such as creating inner calm, cultivating compassion, helping those in need, etc. Many people trace yoga philosophy to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, but there are many other ancient thinkers on the topic.

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