Who invented the wind turbine?



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    The use of wind and specifically windmills or wind turbines has a very long history. Windmills were used even before electricity to do things such as pump water or grind grains. However, with respect to the generation of electricity, the modern wind turbine was invented by James Blyth in 1888 in Scotland. This wind turbine was the first to convert wind energy directly into electricity.

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    A man named Charles F. Brush developed the first wind turbine (windmill) in the winter of 1887 – 1888 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Brush is considered one of the founding fathers of the American electric industry.  His company eventually was sold and became part of what is now GE.  The first turbin lasted twenty years.  Brush’s turbine is also the largest using an impressive 144 rotor blades and a rotor diameter of 50 feet.  Though large, the turbine was slow and inefficient. 

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