Who inspires you the most to be green?



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    My good friend Gina. She just cares SO MUCH about the environment and it seems to physically hurt her when she witnesses anyone littering, sees logging trucks, or hears people being apathetic. She is often the one to intervene when our friends don’t separate their garbage/recycling correctly or to reprimand someone for being wasteful. I admire this about her because its never easy to be the one that speaks up and pushes others to care; some give her grief about it but she doesn’t care. She has devoted her career and life to being green and sustainable- and wants to help people reach these goals for themselves. She has definitely influenced me and my awareness about how I affect the environment. 

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    Spending more time with nature motivates me to be more green. When you feel a connection with the earth you appreciate what it has to offer, and as a result end up doing everything you can to make it a better place for future generations to enjoy. 

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    The children I work with inspire me to be green. I always try to set a good example for them, recycling and not wasting materials whenever I can. I also want them to grow up in a greener lifestyle, and in a cleaner environment. 

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    There was no one person who inspired me to be green. I have to thank the online bloggers and green non-profit organizations for inspiring me to live a more green lifestyle. It really does take a community to help educate someone, and I have to thank the online community for helping me realize just how important it is to be green. You see, where I live being green, vegan or organic isn’t something that is widely adopted. So I’m glad through learning more I realized my mistakes. Also, like one of the previous answers said – the people who have no regard for our environment are also one major inspiration as well.

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    The thought of the future inspires me to be more green.  What kind of world will my children live in? My granchildren? Their grandchildren?

    I want it to be a world in which there is life and nature is at balance, so I have to work to make that happen today isntead of leaving it up to future generations.

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