Who inspired you to become part of the Environmental Movement?

It’s probably hard to narrow it down to a single individual, but I’m wondering if anybody has a specific “hero” they’d like to share with the community here. It’ll be interesting, I think, to see who the members of the movement view as their personal leaders.



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    It’s probably a combination of my third grade teacher and Al Gore, which is yes, an odd combination. We’d been talking about the O-Zone layer in class which was tied in with rainforests (back in about 1993) and we had to write to President Clinton to express our concerns. Well, after getting a stamped autographed postcard back, I was very upset that the president apparently wasn’t even concerned, and decided to write to Al-Gore instead. I got back a personalized letter (that I hope to god is still somewhere in my house) that even referenced things I written and drawn in my letter. I started actively recycling and picking up loose garbage after that. Today I am a LEED AP and recently received my Master’s in architecture. My ultimate goal is to design sustainable housing and educational facilities.

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    My High School English teacher.  He introduced us to the works of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others.  I found Thoreau’s Walden to be very inspiring — to lead a life of unassuming simplicity is a wonderful goal.  In Emerson’s essay Nature, he advocates that all people can find spirituality in nature, something I hold to be very true.  Reading environmental literature has made me want to be come more connected with nature and help to protect it.  

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    Interestingly, I first thought about the environmental movement because I lived with people who did not.  To see people value their own comfort and lifestyle without thinking about the impact it had on the world around them seemed, to be frank, stupid.  So, I started looking at green ideas and saw how that it wasn’t a “new and different” way to live, but actually a more traditional and thoughtful way to live.

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    My brother inspired me to get involved in the environmental movement.  He is constantly reading books about being green and supplying me with interesting facts about the environment.  I can easily say that if it weren’t for him, I probably would have never developed an interest.

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