Who is Ian Pilmer?



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    Ian Plimer is an Australian Geologist who openly criticizes and publishes against the commonly accepted view that global warming being caused by snthropogenic Carbon Dioxide.

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    Ian Pilmer is an Australian geologist, noted for being a vocal realist on the subject of global warming. His works have combated the idea that global warming is entirely human-induced.

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    Ian Plimer is an Australian geologist, academic, and business man who is a critic of creationism and of the general scientific consensus that global warming is driven by antrhopongenic carbon dioxide. His latest book, Heaven and Earth, disputes almost every big finding from climate research of the past 20 years.

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    Ian Plimer is an Australian geologist who recently wrote a book entitled “Heaven and Earth: Global Warming: The Missing Science”. In his book, Plimer argues that climate change is not outside the range of natural variability. He claims that the environmental movement is not connected to actual science and that today’s climate change models are based too much on carbon dioxide emissions rather than including things like solar variation. His views have given him a reputation as a climate change denialist.

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