Who has the most aggressive emissions targets?



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    Japan, at the moment, is attempting 25% by 2025 (at least according to the DPJ platform, this may be subject to change since the application process is flawed and poorly researched). This is more or less the largest cut in terms of total carbon emissions, though the Africa Union has pledged to request a 40% cut by 2012.

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    Tuvalu, a small island country in the Pacific, has plans to be powered entirely on alternative energies (specifically solar) by 2020. Quite a few other small island countries have similar plans for a complete switch to green power in the next few decades. These island nations are the most at risk with rising sea levels and thus are much more committed to the cause. Their relatively small populations also help to make their plans possible.

    Within developed countries of a decent size, I believe it is Scotland that has the most aggressive emissions targets. Recently, it set its target at a 42% reduction by the year 2020 and 80% in 2050. That’s compared to the US’s still being debated 17% by 2020.

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