Who has the largest private zoo in the world?



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    There are several well-known people with private zoos. Of course, Michael Jackson has the most notoriety with his private zoo in Neverland Ranch. Also well-known is Mexican billionaire Jorge Hank Rhon. Many of his animals reportedly came from illegal smuggling. Another famous name with a private zoo is Uday Hussein, the eldest son of Saddam Hussein.

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    Another notable private zoo is that of Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California. Although no longer home to many animals, when created in 1923 by William Randolph Hearst it was the largest in the world. There were over 300 exotic animals located in fenced in fields on the side of the road that leads up to the castle, able to roam freely and naturally. There were also cages for other animals located only a few hundred yards from the castle, housing 50 species of herbivores, bears, jungle cats, monkeys, macaws, and an elephant. The animals were donated to public zoos or sold in 1937 because of financial difficulties, but zebras can still be seen roaming the hillsides of the estate.

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