Who has the largest personal zoo in America?



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    Since the question is regarding a personal zoo there is no real way of knowing because this wouldn’t necessarily be published information.  Having said that, both Wayne Newton and Michael Jackson kept quite a large number of animals, and at this point, Wayne Newton would have the larger collection.  Michael Jackson used to have – tigers, a chimpanzee, Amazon parrot, other exotic birds, pythons, giraffes, two black caiman (crocodiles), and anacondas (snakes), but they have all been scattered around the country now that he has pased away.  Wayne Newton owns a 52 acre ranch in Las Vegas, as well as a 250-acre property on the Big Island in Hawaii.  On his ranch in Las Vegas, he has penguins, wallabies, swans, ducks, parrots, cranes, horses, cats and dogs.

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