Who has done the most for the environment in America? I don’t want to hear Al Gore either. :)



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    It is up for a lot of debate, but I personally think that it is Howard Zahniser.  He has been dead for 45 years, but he was almost personally responsible for the Wilderness Act of 1964, which has preserved over 100 million acres of land in the US until today.  Zahniser wrote the act in 1956, and after 8 years of many rewrites, 18 public hearings, and himself personally lobbying almost every person in congress, he finally got it passed, only to pass away a few months before it was signed by the president.  The link I attached has a bunch of influential environmentalists, but he has always been my favorite.

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    Someone asked a similar question a while ago so I will post that link. Honestly, the answer is a matter of opinion which makes it difficult to provide one solid answer.



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    Dr. David Suzuki

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