Who is the greenest person that you know?



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    I met this couple who live completely off of the grid and have almost no carbon footprint at all. They grow all of their own fruits and vegetables, don’t use any electricity and don’t even use a toilet. They live simply and compost all of their waste. They collect rainwater and don’t use any running water. It’s pretty extreme but they are pretty well off and do a good job and seem to enjoy it. They live in New England and grow seasonally so in the winter they grow sprouts and other herbs to live off of.

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    The greenest person I know rides a bike made from recycled bike parts, buys organic food in bulk, studies the environment, makes his own clothes, and advocates for greener living.

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    The greenest people I know are a couple in Berkeley, CA. They compost all of their compostable garbage, and either bike or take public transportation everywhere.

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