Who is the greenest person you know? Why?



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    The greenest person I know personally was a friend at college. She rode her refurbished bike everywhere, ate locally grown, organic, and vegan food that she bought in bulk at a family owned store, and lived in a co-op that was centered around community living. She was always a great resource for me because she was an activist and very well versed in environmental issues. This person embodied everything that I think of when I think of green living. I worry that some people will simply buy a hybrid and call themselves green, but it is much more than that. Being green means that you care about the environment and change your behavior in order to reduce your impact in as many sectors of your life as possible. The greenest people are those who will go the extra mile to make as many parts of their lives green as possible and who are constantly trying to better themselves by learning new tactics.

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    The greenest person I know is someone is a former co-worker. He has been a vegan for 8 years, because of the environmental impact of the meat industry. When he is not driving his Prius, he is walking or talking the train (during a conference in DC he walked the entire time and had a map to figure out the most efficient way). He only sports reusable bags and brings his own containers to restaurants. He is always looking out for the environment. In college, he even pushed for his college to stop using sweatshop materials.

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    My good friend Gina. She just cares SO MUCH about the environment and it seems to physically hurt her when she witnesses anyone littering, sees logging trucks, or hears people being apathetic. She is often the one to intervene when our friends don’t separate their garbage/recycling correctly or to reprimand someone for being wasteful. I admire this about her because its never easy to be the one that speaks up and pushes others to care; some give her grief about it but she doesn’t care. She has devoted her career and life to being green and sustainable- and wants to help people reach these goals for themselves. She has definitely influenced me and my awareness about how I affect the environment.

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    My best friend Jennifer is the greenest person I know. She was the first person I knew who (before it became popular) was had her own urban vegetable garden. She also exposed me to composting, raising hens for eggs, and recently purchased a fixer-upper using sustainable materials for the remodeling.

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    The greenest person I know is one of my close friends. She walks or takes public transportation every day. She also loves doing crafts, and she uses things around the house to reuse and make them into something brand new.

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    Apparently, once you get Bruce Banner angry, he gets extremely big and his skin turns green.  Seriously, though, there was a musician from New York City, whose band made a gold record in the early 1990s.  He was in a hardcore band called Carnivore and wrote a song called World Wars III and IV, where at the end of the bridge, he screams “We hate this planet!” sardonically after bellowing lyrics about armageddon.  I play a John Mayer-esque cover of this song which can be found on youtube through the second link.  The musician who wrote those songs was an employee for the New York City parks and Recreation Department, and in interviews claimed to want nothing more than to be in the woods and clean the city up.  He died in 2010 of heart failure.

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