Who is the greenest actor or actress?



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    I think that it’s hard to pick who is the absolute greenest, but there are several actors and actresses who are doing their part for the environment. Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Begley Jr. and many other have all done a lot for the environment and have helped raise money and more importantly awareness for all kinds of environmental causes.

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    Of the actors listed above, I would argue Leonardo Dicaprio because of his efforts to educate people about environmental issues. He narrates the film “The 11th Hour” which is a powerful movie about the state of our world. If you go to his official website, you will find that one half of his website is dedicated to the environment. He is also very involved in the “blue movement” which deals with the issues surrounding the sea.

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    I’d also say Cameron Diaz. A couple of years back she even got involved in a show called “Trippin.” This show produced by MTV is a reality show that features environmental issues. Cameron along with other celebrities travel to different locations to bring awareness on various environmental issues around the world.

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