Who is a good green inventor?



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    David Wendell, he created a carbon absorbent foam which took the top prize at the 2010 Earth Awards. The foam is meant to line the smokestacks of coal-burning power plants and absorb the carbon produced from the burning of coal, the foam then processes the carbon into a sugar. This foam is five times more efficient at converting carbon dioxide into sugar than plants. David Wendell is still working out a method to extract the sugars created in order to process it into bio-fuel.

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    A bamboo laptop, a solar cell phone, the key to charging your cell phone while on the move…

    Mother Nature Network put together a list of 15 new green inventions that are designed to enhance your electrical world without reverting to that age old plug-in-the-outlet technology, I’ll highlight a few of my favorites.

    The nPower PEG(personal energy generator) is a charger which stores kinetic energy and can transmit this energy to your device without the use of electrical plugs.  Simply place the PEG vertically in your purse or bag and it will charge up as you walk, ski, hike, or bike.

    Samsung has released what it has named it’s Blue Earth cell phone, solar powered and made from 100% recycled plastics.  They’ve even added a pedometer so that you can log how many miles and how much money you’ve saved by walking rather than driving.

    Lastly, the ASUS U-Series laptops come with many bamboo components including the frame and even the trackpad.  These bamboo elements greatly help reduce waste associated with computer disposal and recycling.

    For even more cutting edge green technology innovations take a look at the citation page below.

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    Sean Casten – He’s invented, marketed, and maintained machines that are harness waste energy from factories and turn this energy into electricity.  

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