Who funds poachers?



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    Poachers make a living by selling their illegal goods on the black market etc. Whoever is buying such goods, such as ivory, funds the poachers. As long as the demand is there, the poachers will be as well.

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    You should be careful if you visit a foreign country and are looking for new foods to try or gifts to bring home. Never eat things like endangered fishes or whale or turtle eggs. Also, do not purchase items that are made from ivory, turtle shells, feathers, or other animal parts. This way you will ensure that you are not funding the career of a poacher and doing everything you can to help protect the local animals.

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    Some poachers are in it for the sport and fund their own expeditions. I remember as a child, once visiting a distant cousin that went on his own poaching safaris and had stuffed animals all over the house.

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