Who founded GreenPeace?



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    GreenPeace was founded by a small group of activists from Vancouver, Canada in 1971. They were motivated by their vision of a more green and peaceful world. Today the organization is based in Amsterdam and has grown to be an international coalition that prioritizes environmental campaigns.

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    According to their own webpage Greenpeace was founded by Dorothy and Irving Stowe, Marie and Jim Bohlen, Ben and Dorothy Metcalfe, and Robert Hunter. On the other hand The book The Greenpeace Story states that the founders were Irving Stowe, Jim Bohlen and Paul Cote. Other sources also say that that only three persons founded the Greenpeace. 

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    There is some debate on who the founders of GreenPeace really were. Don’t Make a Wave Committee was GreenPeace’s original name and it was an anti-nuclear organization act before evolving into the environmental organization it is today. On the GreenPeace website, the founders listed are Dorothy and Irving Stone, Marie and Jim Bohlen, Dorothy Metcalfe and Robert Hunter. In the Novel The Greenpeace Story, the book states that the founders were Irving Stowe, Jim Bohlen, and Paul Cote. But after an interview with Dorothy Stow and Dorothy Metcalfe, they identifed the founders to be Paul Cote, Irving and Dorothy Stow and Jim and Marie Bohlen. There have been other names that have claimed to be founders of Greenpeace as well besides the ones listed above.

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