Who is a famous green building architect?



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    There is a famous Italian architect by the name of Renzo Piano whose new architectural endeavors will be green.  He won the Pritzker Prize, considered the “nobel” of architecture, in 1998 and has most recently worked on the Academy of Science in San Francisco.  This new project has been well received by the Green Building Council.

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    Buckminster Fuller was the first to begin experimenting with the geodesic dome structure.  This type of architecture is stronger than traditional building structures, yet uses less materials and can be easily mass produced.  Furthermore, the dome structures use less heating and cooling energy, as the open style allows better air flow.  They’re really cool looking too!  Check them out.

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    William McDonough is an architect and co-author of Cradle to Cradle.  He is a designer of green buildings and a winner of a number of awards in sustainability and design, including: the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development, the National Design Award, and the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

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    Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake are the principles of KieranTimberlake in Philadelphia.  They have published two books and have been featured in many national and international publications.  According to their Web site (kierantimberlake.com),

    KieranTimberlake has practiced environmental responsibility since our inception in 1984, long before green design gained the widespread relevance it now enjoys in architectural practice and in the building industry.  The principles of sustainable design continue to make up our core beliefs.  We understand the need to balance the ideals of resource conservation, energy efficiency and pollution prevention with the realities of performance criteria, constructability and budget.”

    KieranTimberlake won the AIA Honor Award in 2008 (what is colloquially known as the “firm-of-the-year” award), and during that same year was one of five firms to exhibit at MoMA’s “Home Delivery” exhibit.  They have also worked with Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation to work on providing low-cost, sustainable housing in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina.  Most recently, they were awarded the commission to build the new United States embassy in London.


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