Who fact-checks your articles?

This opening statement on a recent article is not true: “Methyl iodide is used as a pesticide, commonly in California strawberry fields,” and is factually incorrect.

Read more: http://greenanswers.com/blog/260270/urge-california-legislators-ban-methyl-iodide#ixzz1YoCoA88U



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    No one; everything you see here is posted by volunteers and any content is their own responsibility.

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    Indeed; most of the research I’ve done shows that while it was approved to be used as a pesticide in 2010, methyl iodide is still widely contested and hasn’t been used frequently.  According to this article from August 24, there have been four known uses of methyl iodide in California; they were all this summer on pepper fields.  In addition, a permit is still required to use methyl iodide.  The concern with strawberries is that 90 percent of the nation’s strawberries are supplied by California, so their approval and subsequent use of this pesticide could have widespread affects on the whole country.

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