Who is Erin Brockovich?



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    Erin Brockovich is an activist who was instrumental in the prosecution of Pacific Gas & Electric Company in 1993. She worked as a legal clerk, among many other jobs, but has no formal legal training. She now runs a consulting firm and claims to be a “champion” of environmental issues, as well as the everyday man and woman.

    The link below is to her official website. To say it has a ‘biased tone’ would be quite the understatement.

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    Erin Brockovich is an environmental activist who, while working as a file clerk in a law firm, discovered that Pacific Gas and Electric had been contaminating the water of Hinkley, CA, by allowing toxic Chromium 6 to leak into the groundwater. This caused health problems for the residents of the town. Brockovich helped lead a large direct-action lawsuit against Pacific Gas and Electric that ultimately forced the utilities company to pay $333 million in damages to more than 600 residents of Hinkley. A 2000 movie starring Julia Roberts was based on Brockovich’s life and her involvement in the case against Pacific Gas and Electric.

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