Who is effected by overfishing?



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    Everyone is affected by overfishing. Fish have histroically been known as a “common” good (non-excludable, but rival), and have therefore been subject to a theory known as the tragedy of the commons. Basically, because the benefit of extracting a fish is experienced soley by the person who takes it, but the cost effect is felt by all of society (because fish is a rival good, theres a certain supply of fish we must all share); it is bound to be overextracted. Fishing legislation has been and continues to be setup in order to try to stop this, but it is hard to enforce these laws for many reasons.

    If a fish is overextracted to the point of extinction, then everyone will have to live without it. More immediately, smaller fishing companies tend to be bullied out of the fishing market due to over-fishing by larger fishing companies.

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