Who is Edward Wegman?



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    Edward Wegman was a professor at George Mason University who has been charged with extensive plagiarism. He even tried to blame one account on a student of his. He has plagiarised articles in the scholarly journal Computational Statistics and Data Analysis as well as Nature magazine. 

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    Yes, as jazpiri said, Wegman was accused of plagiarism.  What’s important about Wegman is that he was the head of a report that was used to “denounce” global warming.  He and the other scientists produced a report that refuted Michael Mann’s assertions concerning the temperatures in the 20th century.  In 2010, it was discovered that Wegman’s 2006 report was partially plagiarized—up to 1/3 of it—from textbooks and even Wikipedia.  This, of course, makes some people look bad, namely the congressman who commissioned Wegman’s report, Joe Barton.  But Barton stands behind Wegman’s 2006 report.

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