Who is educating America about the climate and its problems?



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    Well hopefully our school system is.  I know that my grade school and high school taught us about the environment and our effects on it. 

    There are obviously organizations such as Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Tree People, and so on… but I would have to say the biggest is our school system.  

    However, I’m sure that there are probably schools out there that don’t, and that is a shame.

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    High profile figures like Al Gore help bring climate change into the public arena where it definitely needs to be.  The media help as well when they cover climate-related news and disasters.

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    Ourselves.  Some are doing it, some more need to be doing it.  Even when information is passed along from another source, we should be “listening to nothing that we hear and only half of what we see.”  Mistakes are made, and sometimes, sad to say, bad intentions end up in the trade.  Most people willingly share their time and efforts for a genuine purpose, but as individuals we should all take responsibility to do our own research, whether or not it’s jump-started by a source or entity.

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