Who do you think is the worst human for the environment?



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    Currently, and at the risk of sounding bandwagon jumpy, I’m saying Tony Hayward, CEO of BP oil. After spending many years assuring the U.S. government they could deal with an oil rig accident, it is becoming clear that they can’t. Combine this with the fact they are regularly lowballing their oil estimates because fines are assessed by the barrel, and authorizing the use of toxic oil dispersants, he gets my winner, currently.

    I hope this helped!

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    I find it impossible to point to one single person.  In my opinion, the worst humans for the environment are the global corporations that control most everything and decide how you will spend your money.  Companies such as Halliburton, Monsanto, BP, Goldman Sachs, etc.  are given immunity to laws that the rest of us are governed by because of their money.  They are allowed to pollute, drill, control what is available to consumers, and control prices of what is needed by middle to low class people.  They drive the market and are allowed to do pretty much whatever they please because they have the most money.  There is a statistic that out of the 100 biggest economies in the world only 49 are actually countries and the other 51 are corporations.  

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    Collectively, people who choose not to recycle, who eat a lot of meat, drive hummers and don’t make efforts to conserve.  Recycling is such an easy thing to do, livestock adds to global warming, hummers are not designed for running errands and even a little effort toward turning off lights and not letting the water run while brushing your teeth can have a huge impact.  People who make these conscious choices not to help out the environment are the worst in terms of trying to sustain the planet.

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    People who make deliberate choices out of ignorance.  Who put a higher priority on selfishness than the greater good…who ignore the impact they have upon the earth and the co-inhabitants of the land.

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      At the same time though….these types of people help to spur greater awareness by shedding light on what NEEDS to be done. Without them, we would not have learned much of the things we have.

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    Paul Watson, Cpt of the Sea Shepard

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    I think everyone is responsible for the destruction of the environment. While some more than others, we have ALL had our fair share of being anthropocentric. I think the CEO of BP, Tony Hayward, is pretty bad though. Especially after he spent $50 million in two days on advertising instead of using that money for other things. 

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    I have to agree with the first post — Tony Hayward of BP.  He might not have personally built and managed the rig that leaked, but ultimately, the buck stops with him.  His company is responsible for the largest oil spill in history. The environmental damage is monumentally large and incalculable.  The U.S. will have to live with these consequences for years to come.   

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