Who do you think should be responsible for saving our rainforests?



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    This is a complex issue and there is no one entity that should be responsible, or even could be responsible. The ultimate answer to questions like this is All of us, the entire population of the planet.

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    Like rigibson mentioned, the entire human population should be responsible for what happens to the rainforests. However, if I had to narrow this down a little, I would probably say that the world’s governments should be acting to try and save the rainforests. The rainforests are valuable and beautiful resources that need protection. If humanity as a whole can’t control themselves, then at least the governments could offer harsher laws to keep the forests safe. 

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    I agree that all people should give some effort to conserving the rainforests and the rest of the Earth’s ecological zones. But, I think that corporations who have violated the rights of native peoples living in the forests to cut down large swaths for greedy profit-motivated reasons should play a big role in this effort. Those who have caused destruction and who have plenty of money should fund conservation efforts. Then, the people who call the forest home, the government of a particular region and local organizations could collectively decide what efforts exactly need to be taken and what focus to take. Combined with the help of environmental scientists and activists to actually carry out reforestation, oil spill cleanups and careful monitoring of endangered species, remaining rainforests may be saved.

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