Who do you think is the best green leader we have seen?



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    The most public green leader thus far is, of course, Al Gore. He has name recognition as a former Vice-President and filmmaker. He has done a lot to push the green movement into the homes and minds of Americans and make it an issue in the forefront of American politics. However, there have been many smaller and less public leaders in the green movement. For example, the founder of the Nature Conservancy. Or the current executive officer, Mark Tercek.

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    As the leader of America who has made energy efficiency and climate change a top priority on his to-do list, Barack Obama is probably the greenest leader our country has seen. For a list of the “top five” green leaders around the world (as determined by TreeHugger.com) visit the citation below.

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    I’m not positive if he’s “the best” leader (I have to agree, from above, that this is probably Al Gore), but my nomination is for a great, earlier leader: Jimmy Carter. Carter asked Americans to go the extra mile and conserve energy. He was right in his assessment of the energy crisis. He also famously placed solar panels atop the White House (later removed by Reagan, who was never any friend of the environment). To this day, Carter is a great inspiration.

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