Who do you think are some of the most environmentally friendly celebrity dads?



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    Kevin Costner is definately one of the most environmentally friendly dads out there. He was concerned about the effects of the oil spills in 1993, so he bought an oil extractor company from the government a while ago and prepared many centrifuges in case a spill were to happen again. Building centrifuges is not a very big business, so he was definately doing it based on being environmentally conscious.

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    I think Dave Matthews is one of the most environmentally-friendly celebrity dads.  He and his band fund wind turbine and tree planting projects in order to offset CO2 emission.  Also, he has a very strong message for the environment and reaches many, many lives through his music.

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    This website lists Ed Begley Jr., Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp, and Kevin Costner as the top 5 eco-friendly celebrity dads. They have all done various things to make their lives and the lives of others more sustainable.

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    Richard Branson is an environmentally-active celebrity dad.  In 2006 he decided that all of the profits from his airline and rail businesses would be invested in biofuel projects and research.  In ten years, this amounts to an estimated $3 billion.  With this kind of money, huge advancements can be made in emission reduction.   

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