Who do kids look to as their environmental hero these days (e.g. Captain Planet used to be a good one, but I don’t see his cartoons any more)?



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    I have a seven year old sister, and I have not seen any fictional hero that really stands out quite the way Captain Planet did in our day.  However, I have been pleasantly surprised at the increasing frequency of environmental messages all across children’s television.  From Hannah Montana to iCarly, from Dora the Explorer to Sesame Street, some of the most popular children’s shows are really fighting to push a strong positive environmental message to kids.

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    Channels like Nickelodeon are getting kids involved in environmental action by using their favorite characters and actors to bring organizations to their attention. On Nick there is a commercial about the “Big Help” which is a website kids can go to to learn about eco-friendly activities and ways they can get involved or start a community program. The website keeps kids informed about things like the oil spill and gives them ways they can participate or be active in relief efforts.

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