Who discovered vampire energy?



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    The discovery of vampire energy isn’t attributed to one person, it is just a waste of energy due to any electronic device kept plugged in to the wall without directly being used.

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    Vampire energy is a term used to described the process of our electronics continuing to waste energy even when they are not being used. Electronics such as clocks and remote control sensors continue to suck up power when plugged in despite being switched off, often due to the energy inefficiency of the product. No one seems to be credited with discovering vampire power or even first drawing attention to it. However the government is trying to help with their Energy Star program; it assists consumers in choosing more energy efficient products, hopefully reducing the amount of wasted vampire energy. Through their rating system they are able to label the energy efficiency of electronics, so consumers are less likely to overuse and waste unnecessary energy from their homes.

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    No single person is actually known for discovering this,This problem was noticed about  two to three years ago.This problem occurs when common household electrical appliances are left plugged in to electrical sockets, this happens when the appliance is left on stanby or is completely shut off, the appliances still use a little energy sometimes for constantly charging objects other times for memory purposes.. This includes : televisions, game systems, computer cords,, and stereos. The solution to this problem is to use power strips. This could save you $165 a year on your electric bill.

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