Who discovered sandstone and when?



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    Apparently, Phineas Q. Sandstone first discovered it in 1817.  I’m not sure how reliable this source is, as it was difficult to find any literature or more valid websites to cite.

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    It’s hard to say when people “discovered” sandstone, as it’s always been around in relatively abundant quantities. Over three thousand years ago the great Egyptian King Ramses II built the monument of Abu Simbel out of sandstone, which still stands today. 

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    The site with Phineas Q Sandstone would come in the category “not reliable”. Humans have exploited sandstone even longer than the early Egyptians – well into pre-history and the Stone Age.

    If the questioner wants to know how and when it was understood that sandstone was a rock that is made of cemented sand grains, that would probably date to a comparable time – you don’t need magnification to figure out that sandstone is made of sand grains.

    So – “discovered” by multiple prehistoric humans, many thousands of years ago, but it really isn’t something “discovered”.

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