Who discovered global warming?



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    The theory that the Earth is warmed by increases in carbon dioxide was first published by Svante Arrhenius in Philosophical Magazine 41, pp. 237-276, in 1896.

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    During the industrial revolution, Svante Arrhenius and Thomas Chamberlin looked at the mass amounts of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere, and postulated the theory that this was causing the earth’s termperature to increase.

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    Svante Arrhenius and Thomas Chamberlain are the two individuals who first claimed that fossil fuel combustion may eventually lead to enhanced global warming. Although this idea is important now, in the 1800s fossil fuel combustion was seen as insignificant compared to natural forces. Therefore, the issue was not seen as important until about the mid-70s, when scientists actually began to measure the steady increase of the ozone hole.

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