Who discovered atoms?



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    Our understanding of atoms, in the contemporary sense of the word, derives from the Atomic Theory of John Dalton, a British chemist active in the 18th and 19th centuries. His theory, released in 1803, became a cornerstone of modern chemistry and science.

    Dalton also broke ground in the study of color blindness and the practice of meteorology, keeping notes on the local weather daily for 57 years!

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      That isn’t true. Dalton discovered the atomic theory not the atoms. Democritus, a Greek philospher, discovered that the earth was made of tiny bits of stuff, that he soon called atoms or in Greece, they were called “atomos”

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    The person above me is somewhat right, but the correct answer is Democritus which is a scientist from B.C. Democritus belived eart was made of tiny particles which he named “atomos” or atoms. Dalton discovered the atomic theory not the atoms.

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