Who determines what the “food pyramid” looks like?



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    The food pyramid is a recommendation for daily nutritional needs put out and backed by the Department of Agriculture. However, this does simple explanation does not reflect all the influence from interest groups and companies that go into shaping our national nutritional standards. Many nutritionists agree that a healthy diet is achieved not based on food groups, but on the vitamins and nutrients. The food pyramid is an outdated graphic and should be reconsidered for the future.

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    The USDA does. They have an organization titled the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion that promotes dietary guidelines for Americans through products such as the food pyramid.

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    The United States department of agriculture determines what the food pyramid looks like and what is included in it. The pyramid was recently modified to include physical exercise and has a smaller section for meats and beans. Please refer to this website for more information: http://www.mypyramid.gov/

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    The food pyramid was recently replaced with with the USDA’s Choose Your Plate program. Among the updated recommendations, fruit and vegetables are now advised to make up half of each meal. Check out this Choose Your Plate article about the new recommendations.

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