Who decides what zodiac signs are good for each other?



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    The zodiac does. the whole thing with zodiac is depending on when you are born it estimates what your personality traits are. generally, it estimates quite accurately. different zodiacs are compatible with other zodiac signs. usually if you do one of those online love calculator things where you have to put in each person’s birthdate, it uses an algorithm based on zodiac signs to estimate how proper the love may be. 

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    Zodiac signs can also be linked to their astrological counterparts, where the alignment of the “heavenly bodies” can determine the relation of the zodiac to each other. In Chinese zodiac, most of the relations to one another can be determined by the temperment of the animals in relation to one another also.

    In general, culture does most of the talking when it comes to zodiac–whether it be an old-seated belief in a greater power in the stars, or from the myths and parables of earlier days; all designed to explain away things out of man’s control like fortune and coincidence.

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