Who decides what products get a green label or not?



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    It depends on what green label you’re talking about. With environmentalism being a trend as of late, a lot of different coalitions, state agencies and groups of like-minded businesses have devised a set of guidelines that a product can pass in order to get their label.

    For “Green Label” shirts, the requirements are as follows:

    Each and every Green Label shirt is:

    • 100% Certified Organic scotton
    • Washed with eco conscious low impact dyes
    • Printed without the use of PVCs
    • Made in the USA, as locally as possible * Sweatshop Free * Oeko-Tex 100 Certified

    For my favorite non-profit, Green America, they review businesses and put them through a stringent interview process to give them sort of a green label.

    Even the EPA gives attention to Environmentally-Friendly products, but they don’t have an official “label”.

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