Who decides who gets the rights to water?



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    In most countries, the right to water is controlled by some form of government and in some circumstances, the government has the authority to privatize water and sell it to be controlled by private water corporations. In the United States there are two ways that the right to water is determined: by Riperian water rights or by prior appropriation water rights, both under the control of the state. States have the authority to sell water as well– Atlanta, Georgia is a city that currently has a privatized water system. The federal government only has control over navigable interstate waterways that are subject to the Interstate Commerce clause in the US Constitution.

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    International cases of water rights can be more tricky than domestic water disputes. One prominent case of water right issues comes from the US and Mexico’s heated debate over the rights to the water of the Colorado River. Usually, as is the case here, the two countries will hash out an agreement over splitting the rights to water, but what is to stop the US from nearly draining the entire Colorado River before it reaches Mexico’s border. Do they have a right tot he water that has flown here for millions of years even though we own the lands and springs that feed the massive river system?

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