Who is David Kessler?



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    There are a few David Kessler’s out there but I am assuming that you are reffering to the FDA commissioner. David Kessner was appointed to the Food and Drug Administration in 1973. Many of his ideas were quite controversial at the time and he is perhaps most famed for his involvement in the regulation that made it required for various food products to have nutrition fact labels. He was also involved in the fight to control cigarette consumption and he has received various health related awards. David Kessler is also a pediatrician, lawyer, author, and administrator.

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    Kessler studied medicine at Harvard University graduating with an M.D. Degree in 1979 and also graduated with his JD at the University of Chicago. He became appointed as FDA commissioner in 1990 by President George H. W. Bush and gain high bipartisan approval. Despite the bipartisanship, he soon became more popular with Democrats than republicans and he moved quickly to make the agency more efficient. He helped cut the time down needed to approve or reject new drugs such as AIDs drugs and he also required standardized Nutrition Facts labels on food. 

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