Who comes up with slogans that the government uses for environmental awareness?



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    Slogans, whether they’re meant to promote government policies, political candidates or commercial products and services, can come from anywhere, but most of the catchy ones come from PR firms who are hired to develop marketing and promotional strategies. However, I’m not sure many of the more popular environmental slogans were developed by government agencies. I recall hearing “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” first in the late 1980s and I could not find any source that indicated who first thought of it. Probably many of the catchier slogans come from the world of bumper stickers, such as “Love Your Mother” (referring to the Earth) and “There’s No Planet B.” The slogan “Save the Planet” was a marketing line developed by the Hard Rock Cafe about 1990 when it was very popular on T-shirts. If other Greenanswers contributors can do better than I in identifying the source of particular slogans, I welcome their contributions to this answer.

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