Who coined the term treehugger?



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    I’m not sure that the term ‘tree-hugger’ can be traced back to any particular person, but it originated in disputes between loggers and environmentalists who were opposing logging operations.  A common practice was for groups of protestors to surround a tree and link arms to prevent that tree from being cut down – ‘hugging trees’ literally.  The term was originally used as derogatory slang by logging proponents.

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    The term tree hugger was influenced by the Chipko movement influenced by Mohandas Gandhi. They set up a peaceful resistance to deforestation by literally hugging trees which lead to the term “tree huggers”

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         The Oxford English Dictionary’s first citation for the word “tree-hugger” comes from a 1965 article in an Appleton, Wisconsin newspaper. As paolomiguel said, it became more widely used after the rise of the Chipko movement in the early 1970s.  

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