Who coined the term Climate Gate?



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    Evidently, it was a UK article writer for the UK Telegraph named James Delingpole. He used the phrase “Climategate” in the same context as “Watergate,” which refers to the political scandal Richard Nixon was in right before his resignation as President of the United States of America. “Climategate” refers to scandal in which a group of scientists apparently falsified research data in order to prove global warming as a real phenomenon. This scandal story has hurt the scientific community that support global warming, and becoming a talking point for opponents of the concept. 

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    The person who coinded the term “climategate”is James Delingpole. James Delingpole is a UK writer, journalist, and broadcaster who wrote about the leak of information that humiliated Climate scientists. The “climategate” is a leak of information about the environment. Climate scientists’ thousands of  emails  were unlawfully leaked in 2009 which raised doubt in the integrity and research of the scientists who apparently falsified data. The leak  raised doubt in  the accuracy of the occurence of global warming.

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