Who is in charge or repopulating areas with animals that have gone extinct?



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    If an animal has gone globally extinct, there are no individuals left and no way to repopulate. Although some scientists hope to revive extinct species like mammoths by extracting sperm from frozen individuals, for now, extinction is forever.

    If a species is locally extinct, meaning that there are none left in one area, they are expected to repopulate by immigrating from other areas. According to the theory of metapopulations, small “islands” or isolated areas of habitat routinely experience extinction of species, and routinely regain them from other habitats. The responsibility for overseeing this process would fall at least partially on the National Park Service (in the US, or a similar organization in another country). When a park is created, it must be large enough to support a population of the given species, and it should have a wildlife corridor connecting it to the next habitat, so populations can immigrate.

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