Who is Carl Sauer and what did he do significant?



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    Carl Sauer is an american geographer. His significant contribution to society is the development of the geography school at Berkeley. He also wrote a paper entitled ‘the morphological landscape’ about how land is not static, but morphs over time.

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    Carl Sauer, (1889-1975,) is an American geographer who played an important role in the development of Berkeley’s geography graduate school. He was a professor of geography at Berkeley and became professor emeritus in 1957. He has contributed to the field of desert studies, human geography of American Indians, and agriculture and native crops of the New World.

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    Sauer is famous for creating the “Berkeley School” of geography, when he taught there in the 1920s. He was opposed to the view, popular at the time, of environmental determinism–that the physical environment is responsible for shaping all human societies and culture. Rather, Sauer said, humans shape their environments and a cultural history grows out of this struggle. He stressed the importance of field studies in geography, and pushed for reform in agricultural and economic sectors.

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