who cares about ‘carbon footprint’,etc?

What’s the point in caring about ‘carbon footprint’, ‘going green’, etc if the vast majority of the people on Earth could care less? With approx. 300million people in the US, even if ALL 300m people tried to do something about it, the remainder of the world is so far under poverty that they are more concerned with MUCH larger issues that affect them directly (ie. how to food/water/shelter just to make it to tomorrow). There’s at LEAST 5bn people on the planet who could care less.



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    Interesting question, craftyguy.  I think the reasons for caring about going green are pretty obvious.  If we never do, then the world will be in sad shape for future generations.  But, your main focus seems to be on all of the other people in the world that probably don’t care about going green.  As for the people you described, they don’t drive cars, don’t have power plants, and don’t have electricity, so they are already more green than we will be for probably one hundred years.  It is up to the developed nations who really contribute to pollution to minimize their footprints and maximize sustainability.  If we (we being any developed nation) utilize our resources to produce greener technologies, then we make it possible for every country to develop while maintaining a clean environment.

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    The more people care, the more we can do about it. It’s pretty much like any other movement in history, it just needs to reach a critical mass where it becomes widely accepted as a norm around the world.

    And it does affect the poor countries quite directly even now. Deserts are growing into former agricultural areas. Glaciers that feed rivers are melting – and without stably flowing rivers, there’s little food and water for majority of people. Just think of the rivers coming out of Himalayas that supply South Asia, Indochina, and much of China, which is roughly half the world’s population when put together. Think of rising sea level that spells disaster for places like Bangladesh, which are way too poor to deal with it on the scale that Netherlands do. Increase in extreme weather, also linked to global warming, certainly does affect their direct food/water/shelter needs too.

    On the other hand, somewhere deep inside I feel that even if the whole humanity miraculously united against global warming and other environmental problems, there’s nothing we could do anyway to prevent what’s coming for us in the next few decades. But I’d rather fight for it to be able to say ‘told you’ and feel a little better when it really hits us.

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