Who came up with the idea that we humans on planet Earth are entitled to have a constant, flat line, unchanging climate?

The climate has been changing on this planet for millions of years and it will continue to do so until the end of times….
There were at least 14 glaciations when the whole planet was covered in ice and then it melted, long before us humans inhabited it…
The question is:
Are you people who believe in global warming CRAZY, or just plain STUPID?



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    While it is fine to ask people why they hold certain views, please do so with respect. Terms such as “crazy” and “stupid” are not necessary nor is using all caps, which is considered shouting.

    I haven’t heard many people who believe in global warming say that we are entitled to a constant, unchanging climate. From my experience, most acknowledge that climate change does occur without human intervention, yet they believe that climate change is accelerated by human activity.

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    Alcyone is right. I’ve never heard of people believing in global warming that was entitled to a constant and unchanging climate. Although, it seems a bit bias to believe in that. People can hold different views and are entitled to share their opinions, but they are not necessarily “stupid” or “crazy.” People’s hypothesis can be misleading. Part of learning is that we can reflect our flaws and learn our mistakes. We can learn to find the right solution if we learn from our mistakes. Hope this helps. 

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    This guys a troll…

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    What’s alarming about the recent climate patterns is the rate of change. No where in known history has the change been this drastic this fast. On the other hand, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding these predictions of global climate change and its impact on human life and the environment. It is also not proven that greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans are the direct cause of the recent increase in global temperatures, sea level rise, melting of ice caps, shifting wildlife habitats and growing seasons. Scientists are working hard everyday to find out more and to come up with solutions. Those who believe in global warming are not stupid or crazy; they are mindful of the scientific findings and cautious about the status quo. Its better to be safe than sorry. 

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