Who builds the best net zero homes?



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    There really is no real “net zero” mass manufactured homes, instead they are being designed by architects. Also it is not a feasible solution for the masses because of the high cost per square foot, which exceeds $300. The example below, costs $538. Modular housing is another solution, which reduces the materials wasted in construction and makes for a more efficient home. Several examples of these homes can be found here http://www.scrapbookscrapbook.com/DAC-ART/modular-kit-houses.html. Still there is no such thing as a net zero home because there is always going to be energy consumed in the extraction and manufacturing of the materials that make up the home. This problem will not be overcome until we can design a home that creates more energy than it consumes.

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    Try a supershell kit home, if orientated towards the sun
    You can get to net zero ready for well under 150 a square foot and be brought to net zero for another for another fifty bucks a square foot…check out saugeen net zero or netzeroready.com

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