Who is the biggest producer of batteries for electric and hybrid cars?



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    In the United States, Sanyo was the biggest supplier, providing batteries to Honda and Ford, and in the past few months Panasonic has bought 50.2% share in the company, so I suppose you could say Sanyo/Panasonic.  In July 2009, Sanyo announced it would increase its production to 3.5 million NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells per month, a 75% increase.  Sanyo is also now selling lithium batteries to Toyota.


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    In the U.S. it appears to beĀ Ener1 and A123 Systems. In the world Asia has the market corner with companies such as Sanyo, NEC, and LG who have the experience and technology to be churning out tons of batteries per year.

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