Who benefits the most from genetically modified crops?



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    That would depend a little on your opinion of what is the greatest benefit, but I would guess the farmers benefit the most.  They can plant genetically engineered crops so the crops, like corn, can produce more ears per stalk, are resistant to pests and tolerate periods of drought.  This means the farmer can get more product from virtually the same or even less work in the fields and by planting less acres. 

    The scientists/companies who did the engineering also stand to gain a lot as they generally have a clause that you have to buy your seed from only that company and cannot take some of your yield from this year to plant for next year.  This would translate into a profit for them as well.

    Lastly, human civilization has  alot to gain since we do not have to worry about fammine and drought wiping out our food supply as much.

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