Who believes that humans will ‘reduce’ their way to lessened climate change effects, rather than solve with new technology?



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    I don’t. It’s nice to talk about using less… and some people do very successfully do. But I feel confident in saying that most people on Plant Earth don’t think it’s worth it to do without the luxuries they have gotten used to, or that they would deny themselves such conveniences if they can afford them.

    Plus people are afraid to buy less things because many feel that the economy will suffer if we don’t continually spend money. This may be true in our current system although that probably needs to change anyway.

    I think it’s most likely that people will rely on new things to lessen environmental problems.

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    I don’t beleive that a simple change of heart in the human population is going to reduce climate change effects.  Humans have adapted to their lifestyles and it will be hard to change it, at least until the things we use become too expensive.  I believe that with the ever-rising price of oil, people will learn to conserve.  This may just be a starting ground, but when enironmental health concern becomes linked with spending less money, people will take notice.

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