Who are the winners and losers in the climate talks so far during climate week?



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    So far, there have been more winners than losers.

    The hot button issue is setting goals too unachievable. Delegates are agreeing that setting the bar too high would be unwise, so more realistic goals are being set. However, smaller countries with more immediate problems are having a hard time getting onboard, as the bill would hurt them more, forcing them to make changes to infrastructure and pay fees for carbon emissions.

    The Oil industry is also challenging the bill, as they stand to suffer from decreased production thanks to more alternative fuels and the recession (less demand, higher costs of production).

    Canada is another roadblock, as they would have more lenient punishments for carbon emission offenders should the bill pass, and result in trade-killing sanctions and higher fuel/energy costs for farmers relying on shipping out their crops.

    Finally, rural Democrats are now threatening to take the bill down, as the decision by the EPA to remove corn ethanol as an alternative fuel because of “indirect land use,” which they say ups the damage of corn ethanol to the atmosphere enough to not count it as a renewable source. Rural Democrats, from states in the Midwest who would be responsible for the corn ethanol’s production, are now saying they will vote against the bill.

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