Who are the top 3 GHG producing countries?



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    Wikipedia has some data which shows that the three most polluting nations in 2000 and 2005 are the major oil producing nations of Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emigrates, but I suspect there is some error/ deception in these calculations. Oil production does release tremendous amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, but I do not know if these nations contribute more than larger nations which actually consume and use the energy that comes from the fuels these oil-producing nations.

    This chart (from the Environmental Protection Agency, no less) shows that the clear biggest three contributors are what we would expect, the United States, China, and Russia (shown as the former USSR on the chart). Why? Because we burn the most fossil fuels and use methods of production in making our goods which release various forms of pollution.

    This chart shows scary increases…

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