Who are some of your favorite environmental artists?



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    A few great environmental artists are Nils-Udo, Andy Goldsworthy, Agnes Denes, Chris Jordan, and the Red Earth Environmental Art Group.

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    Environmental art began to gain momentum as a movement in the 1960’s and 70’s. Some art that worked with land as a sculpting material, such as the famous work, “Spiral Jetty,” actually left the environment more damaged. However, other artists use the environment as their “raw material” and leave the landscape unharmed, and even in some cases, re-forested and greener. British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is one such artist who improves the condition of the environment, and leaves the landscape unharmed. Joeseph Beuys “greened” the environment of a city by planting 7000 oak trees in his urban-wide instalaltion piece, “7000 Oaks.” Other artists, such as Rosalie Gascoigne, work in a green way by using junk and garbage to create sculptures and instalaltions. This is an example of recycling. Environmental artists, through the use of some aspect that demonstrates of our impact on the environment, raise awareness as well as making artistic objects.

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      One cool art project I saw was an artist that would take modern materials like computers, or TV’s and a variety of other materials and put them in a forest and let mother nature grow around them and on them to create art. Very Interesting.

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